In the bustling heart of Calgary, Alberta, where innovation thrives and businesses flourish, lies a podcast that resonates with the pulse of this dynamic city. The “Back to Business” podcast, recorded directly from the iconic Calgary Petroleum Club, dives deep into the stories and successes of Calgary's diverse business leaders.

From the influential decision-makers in the energy sector to the young entrepreneurs breaking new ground, this podcast offers listeners a front-row seat to the driving forces shaping Calgary. And with a city that plays host to the world's largest outdoor rodeo, The Calgary Stampede, and boasts a rich history of entrepreneurial spirit, this is the ultimate audio platform for those curious about what makes Calgary one of the prime cities in North America to live and work in.

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About the Host


From the wheat fields of Wichita, Kansas to the vibrant cityscapes of Calgary, Alberta, Kim Hayden's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Rooted in resilience and determination, Kim's early life challenges were merely stepping stones that paved her way to triumph. Embracing her "Craptastic" past, she transformed adversity into ambition, rising above as a single mother at 20 and later moving continents in pursuit of love and a fresh start.

With over two decades of excellence in real estate, Kim has not only garnered prestigious awards but also etched a legacy of community leadership, marked by her commitment and integrity. Venturing beyond realty, she stepped into the world of television, carving a niche with her shows on Shaw TV and CTV, spotlighting the heartbeats of Calgary.

Today, Kim channels her experiences into powerful talks, inspiring women to turn trauma into triumph, and envisioning a future where their dreams aren't just possible, but inevitable.

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